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White Pine High School
All students are entitled to a safe, positive learning environment.
All school stakeholders belong to a collaborative, educational community.
The educational community believes in high standards of personal achievement, including matters of academics and self-esteem.
Assessments of student learning should provide students with a variety of opportunities to demonstrate their achievement.
An education gives students options that they can use to succeed in a rapidly changing global society.
The commitment to continuous improvement is imperative if our school is going to enable students to become confident, self-directed, lifelong learners.

Our mission is to establish a positive learning environment within a collaborative educational community that engages students in developing high standards of achievement in a global society.

Our vision is to be a school where all students learn at high levels.

We will work collaboratively to improve our effectiveness.
We will be creative in our teaching strategies.
We will model respect toward each other and toward our students.
We will come to school with a positive attitude regarding teaching and students.
We will have a long-term vision of learning for our classes.
We will model lifelong learning for our students.
We will strive to make our classes rigorous and relevant for our students.
We will constantly search out and implement best practices.

Student Learning Goals
Thinking and Reasoning
Students will demonstrate effective problem solving skills.
Students will demonstrate the ability to think critically and draw and support conclusions.
Students will demonstrate the ability to creatively formulate solutions to practical problems.
Students will comunicate in the written and other forms (oral, graphic, and technology-related) with clarity, purpose, and understanding of audience.
Learning to Learn
Students will demonstrate a commitment to creating and reflecting on quality work by participating in self-evaluation for the purpose of improvement.
Students will demonstrate internalization of the learning by connecting it to their lives outside of school.