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Always Trying To Improve

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WPHS has been recognized statewide and nationally as a school committed to the pursuit of excellence. We are proud of our school and strive to provide students a rigorous and relevant education. We believe in stretching students to perform at their best while providing support to help get them there.

2004 High Achieving--Status
2005 High Achieving--Status

2006 High Achieving--Status
2007 Exemplary--Status

2007 Nevada Model School

2007 Nevada Model Career and Technical Education School

2007 International Center for Leadership in Education National Model School

2008 High Achieving--Status

2009 High Achieving--Status

2010 High Achieving--Growth
Four Star School

2012 International Center for Leadership in Education School

2012 Presenters at National Center for Leadership and Learning Conference

2013 Three Star School

2013 Participants in Jobs for America's Graduates Program

WPHS is also recognized on the AllThingsPLC website for the work the staff has done as a professional learning community. Schools that operate as PLCs adopt an approach where student learning is paramount and staff members work together in a collaborative fashion to establish systematic excellence. All PLCs are works in progress with the understanding that continuous improvement is a must.

To read a blog on AllThingsPLC about WPHS, click here. This brief article talks about adaptaing the professional learning communities framework to small schools.

View our School Improvement Plan here. This document contains student performance data, goals, and strategies.

View our Professional Development Plan here. This document defines the learning of teachers for the year. We believe that teachers must be constantly learning in order for students to be constantly learning.

View our global Student Learning Goals here. These goals are schoolwide and are ones that, if accomplished, help students be successful far beyond high school.

View our Outcome Based Grading Plan here. This plan is designed to help parents and students understand how assignments are correlated to long term outcomes of the class. It also helps teachers ensure that students' work helps demonstrate learning in connection with measureable objectives.

View the Outcome Based Grading Rubrics here. If you're not interested in reading the theory and research behind the grading scheme, or if you just want a copy of the rubric to use as your student prepares assignments and assessments, click here.