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Accreditation Survey 2/12/2015

Every five to six years, high school in Nevada conduct a self study process designed to gather data used in the accreditation process. WPHS is accredited through Northwest Accreditation of Secondary Schools and the AdvancEd organizations. Through the school improvement process, the school has been recognized through the years as


·         High achieving (2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011)

·         Exemplary (2007)

·         Nevada model school (State Mega Conference 2005 and 2013)

·         National model school (2005, 2012)

·         Recipients of Jobs for America’s Graduates funds (2014, 2015)


Many of the improvements the school has made have come through the collection of data and analysis of best practices research. These include initiatives such as Rigor and Relevance, Balanced Assessment, Standards Based Grading, adopting the Professional Learning Communities model, and continued, job-embedded professional development. Other improvements, such as Freshman and Senior Achievement, Friday School, Tutoring, and Advanced Placement courses, have come directly from discussions with parents and teachers.


Part of the data collection process in connection with school improvement and accreditation involves gathering parents’ insights into how our school is progressing on its endless pursuit towards meeting the vision of helping “All students learn at high levels.” Accordingly, I am requesting that you take a few moments to complete a survey that will help us gather data on how to continue to improve. The survey takes approximately 15 minutes. The link is


I appreciate your concern regarding the quest towards and difficulty of attaining or lofty vision. Thank you for willingness to contribute.

Sincerely,  Principal Adam Young

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