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Jenny Ahlvers, Lions Teacher of the Month December 2017
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Wednesday, December 20, 2017
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I am pleased to recognize Jenny Ahlvers as our Teacher of the Month for WPCSD.  Jenny is an experienced teacher who left our district for a time and returned this year to set up our Pre-K program for Ely and WPCSD.

Her expertise has been very beneficial in creating an excellent learning environment beginning day ONE of our programs start.  Beginning a program from scratch is a weighty job and sh showed excellence in experience, training, and leadership for our team of new Pre-K employees.  She was instrumental in coordinating with McGill’s program, hiring staff to help our students, working with registration staff, creating registration forms, and analyzing applications to determine acceptance into the program.  She has contacted parents, conducted home visits, performed Brigance testing, and oversaw the setup of the room using ECER’S 3 environmental rubrics for appropriateness.  She has overseen that all curriculums, lessons, student learning centers, and align with state standards and grant recommendations.

She has been a pleasure to work with.  It is with sincere thanks that I honor Ms. Ahlvers with this nomination for her expertise and hard work.  We are very blessed to have her as a DEN team member.