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Career and Technical Education Employability
Posted On:
Monday, May 18, 2015
By Zach Bellander

As a majority of the community knows, White Pine High School has a number of CTE (Career Technical Education) classes. These classes include woodshop, welding, auto shop, culinary arts, robotics, and CNA (Certified Nurses Assistant).  However, one thing that the community doesn’t know is that students who take these classes are required to take an employability test. An interview with Mr. Heggie, the teacher for the welding CTE class, provided some insight on these tests.

In the interview, Mr. Heggie stated that the CTE classes have an entrance level, an intermediate level, and an exit level, however our high school is different because we have four course levels instead of three. The employability tests are taken by the students at the end of their third year, or terminal course. The tests are given to the students in order to test the skills that they learned in that class. Taking these tests will allow an employer to see what the student is capable of if they want to hire them. These tests are like the state proficiency exams, not just because they both test the skill of students, but because the teachers don’t get the results back directly. Mr. Heggie explained how he wishes that he could get the results back, so that he could know where to emphasize his teaching.

Students who plan on taking the CTE classes need to be prepared for the employability tests. The classes are fun, and they teach you important skills in life. I highly recommend these classes for high schoolers.

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