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Dandelion Wine Ending by Henry Sorensen
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Thursday, September 04, 2014

The air became as quiet as the darkness outside. Lavinia stood there, hand poised over the lightswitch, fear coursing throughout her body like a plague. She did not dare to look at the man who was obviously not a part of her imagination.

    The Lonely One! In my house! This is my worst nightmare realized! Lavinia thought. I should have stayed with Francine or Helen. Why was I such a fool!

    For 10 excruciating seconds, all Lavinia could do was stand there with nobody but her own breath for company the only thought going through her head was the Lonely One creeping up behind her preparing to strangle her. Sweat dripped down her forehead, her body stood frozen, and her hand shook over the light. No sounds could have penetrated the silence that was there.

Finally, Lavinia started to think that the clearing of a man’s throat was her own voice sighing in relief. Her body relaxed enough to actually move but not enough to convince herself to check her living room. She even contemplated turning on the light, but out of fear, decided against it.

But as she turned away from her living room, on purpose, one of her lamps flickered to life. Instinctively, she looked to the living room and saw a man sitting in her living room. She hadn’t noticed the blunt smell of cigar smoke before, but now it was very strong.

No no no! Please no, I should have stayed with Francine. oh, I knew it. I am going to die!

But before she could run out of the room and out of the house and hide from the man, she started having second thoughts. Just beyond her living room was the kitchen and within those walls sat a heavenly figure: a kitchen knife. So, step by step she walked towards the man.

He wore a dark suit which seemed to make him seem bearish. Upon further observation, Lavinia saw that the suit was at least 10 sizes too big for the man, for he was a very skinny man. He had a cigar in his hand and wore a fedora hat which allowed the darkness to gladly shadow his face in terrifying darkness, but he seemed very pale. 20, maybe? She couldn’t tell with all of the shadows covered his face.

This must have been the man from the drugstore, Lavinia thought. I am most definitely not dreaming. I must get to that knife...

“Excuse me for the intrusion, but I believe you will understand once you know who I am,” the man said looking straight at her. Then, casually, he took off his hat and Lavinia gasped.

Lavinia was in too much shock to even think of the Lonely One or calling Francine or getting that stupid knife or anything. The only thing running through her mind was a little boy running away from a graveside service.

Slowly, Lavinia whispered, “Danny? Is that you?”

The man nodded slowly.

Lavinia fell to her knees looking at the face of a boy, now a man, that she hadn’t seen in years.

“Danny, I haven’t seen you since…” Lavinia sputtered.

The man, Danny, smiled wickedly and replied, “Since Mother’s death, yes. But I am not Danny anymore.”

Lavinia was confused. Danny walked towards her slowly and helped her to her feet. They slowly embraced for the first time in years.

“Danny, I’m not sure I know what you mean?” Lavinia said in his ear. But suddenly she couldn’t breath. Her vision was blacking out, the darkness was taking over, and the only thing she could hear in her last moments were the words of her slowly fading brother:


“I am the Lonely One”

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