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Dandelion Wine Ending by Kellen Wilkin
Posted On:
Thursday, September 04, 2014

 Lavinia Nebbs froze. Her head was blurred and could not think of what to do next. Lavinia sat in a faded dark brown house. Only a single window was not covered by the window shades, allowing a small of light into the house. A man stood on top of the light blue tiles within the house. You could see the tiles cracks like it was an aged elephant’s skin. The man slowly walked forward with a grin on his face. Miss. Nebbs scrambled to try to get up on her feet. The man continued to walk forward pulling out a dagger from his right side. Lavinia finally got up, unlocked the front door and then opened it up. She ran at a full sprint to get out of the house. "Was that the right thing to do?" Lavinia thought to herself. Now that it was too late to turn back, she continued to run towards the ravine. Little did lavina know that was all part of the strangers plan.

         Lavinia’s adrenaline started to wear out and now she began to look behind her shoulder for the man. She could not see anything anymore. Was Lavinia going crazy? Lavania now tried to think of what was going on. It was a dark and chilling night. All you could hear was a slight ripple sound of leaves being blown from a small breeze. The only light was a small glow from the moon rising to its peak. Not a soul went about that night, unless of course the stranger was lurking around. The ravine started to get murky and now you could only see within a ten feet radius.

        Lavinia knew she was going to get killed, maybe it was meant to be. For a moment the world stopped. The man stood right in front of her. The man had a stubble beard on his lengthy face. His hair was medium length and slightly curved to the side. It looked as if he hadn't washed since a few days. He wore black overalls with a stripped fruit colored dress shirt half hanging out of his overalls. He glided right in front of Lavina like he didn't have to walk at all and then put his hand on her shoulder. The colorful man swiftly pulled out the dagger once again, but this time there would be no second chances. She could see the dagger going right for her gut and then she closed her eyes. Next thing she knew, she was waking up from her dream in a panic.

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