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Dandelion Wine Ending by Kendra Thompson
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Thursday, September 04, 2014

Lavinia froze in the darkness. The darkness was swallowing her whole. Her hand hovered over the light switch. “Do I really want to know who it is?” she thought. Without turning on the light switch her hand closed around the nearest object. Her hand felt the cold crystal glass of the flower vase. She clutched the vase tightly, her fingers losing feeling the harder she grasped it. She loosened her grip ever so slightly, for a fear that the vase  would break in her hand. As she loosened her grip her fingernails scraped against the glass and sent a shrilling sound into the silence.  All this foreboding had her heart pounded like a beating drum. Her heart seemed to get louder with every breath she took. She was sure the individual in her living room could hear her heart distinctly. She took a precarious peek over her shoulder to see if she could still see the outline of the person. Then, without another thought, she turned and hurled the crystal vase at the unwanted visitor. The vase was a missile speeding through the air heading for the persons frame. It hit its target with a dull thud and then glass shattered everywhere. The outline of the person seemed to go in slow motion as it crumpled to the hard floor with a slight moan.  

    The generally imperturbable Lavinia screamed a shrilling scream. “What have I done?!” she sobbed. “Who is this?” She slowly reached toward the light switch, too scared to turn it on, yet too curious of what, or who was in her room, to not turn it on. Finally, she flipped on the light switch. There on the floor lay...the druggist!

    “What is he doing here?” she thought  to herself. “Is he the Lonely One?”

    Lavinia suddenly remembered to call Francine. She rushed to the kitchen to phone her. Her hands were trembling. She slowly dialed the numbers for Francine's phone. Then it was ringing. It seemed like Francine would never pick up. Then, finally, she heard Francine's hysterical hello.

    “Hi, I made it home, but you will never believe what happened.” Lavinia said, almost sobbing now

    “What happened?” Francine said overwrought with fear.

    “When I got home i walked inside and someone was breathing. So I took my glass flower vase and threw it at them in the dark and when I turned on the light to see who it was it was the druggist!” Lavinia declared.

    “What was he doing in your house?” Francine asked frantically

    “I dont know. Let me check him over and see if he had anything in his pockets. Hang on.” She set the phone down and ran into the living room where the body was still laying on the floor. As she was examining his pockets he started regaining consciousness.

    “Why did you hit me?” he whined.

    “I thought you were the Lonely One!” she cried

    “I was only bringing you more peppermints because I felt bad for giving that man your address!” he whined once again holding out a small bag of peppermints.

    “Oh! Well thank you so much. I am so sorry for hurting you!”

    She ran back into the kitchen and told Francine what had happened. They giggled together as she helped the druggist out the door and back home. Then came back and ate her peppermints and got ready for bed. She was preparing for bed as she thought, “I guess its not much of a secret anymore that the druggist is my boyfriend. I shouldn’t have thought he was the Lonely One. How foolish of me.” And with that thought she drifted off to sleep.

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