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Dandelion Wine Ending by Collin Young
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Thursday, September 04, 2014

 "I've been wondering when you would show up." She froze. She couldn't move her ice encased feet. It was like all of the signals from her brain just stopped. She couldn't even turn around to see if it was The Lonely One! She tried to will her feet to cooperate, but it just wouldn't happen. "We've been out all night and I was wondering when you were going to show up. You should've stayed inside without going to the movies. Then your friend wouldn't have died." Our friend? How was this our friend? How could I have a mutual friend with the Lonely One?

        Francine was scared. She couldn't figure out why the Lonely One knew so much about her! She didn't want to ask because she was afraid of what the lonely one would do if she said anything.the only thing she could do was stare at the wall in fright.

        "It wasn't just for no reason. She was beginning to solve the puzzle of the lonely one, and who I am." The harsh words cut through Lavinia's heart like glass. It finally made sense to her! She knew who the lonely one was! It was-

        "Yes, yes you know who I am. Your scared little friend. Francine." It was she! She killed my best friend! After this terrible thought Lavinia couldn't stand it anymore. She turned around slowly and saw that it was true. Francine was the lonely one.

        "How could you? She was our friend! She was our-"

        "She was YOUR friend. She never liked me. She never even talked to me unless you were around. She hated me with all her guts, and once she found out who I was, I knew that she would try to turn me in. I couldn't let that happen. There was just too much risk. And now, with you trying to ruin my reputation by showing that you're not afraid of the lonely one, now you have to die."

        Now Lavinia was scared. She could die! Francine- no- The Lonely One. She isn't Francine anymore. She's become twisted and cruel. Now Lavinia felt as if she had fallen through a hole of depression. The Lonely One might kill her! Her friend! The lonely one! "How could you do this to me? To us? We were friends!"

        "Aaaahhhh but that's the point. We never were friends. I staged being your friend and I got close to you for one reason only. To get revenge."

       Now Lavinia was confused. Why did Francine want revenge? What did I do? What did we do? What could she possibly- she got it now. She finally understood. She could remember the night when it happened. She could remember the smell of the trash everywhere and all of the trees. It was dark. She could see the moon through the clouds. All of the sinister trees trying to grab her with their sharp branches. The gnarled brown trunks with knots that scowled at her as she walked by. The grass was tall and wispy. She could feel it grabbing at your legs to pull you down into the ground. The wind was howling and moaning. We were all there. Francine, Hattie McDollis, Roberta Ferry, Elizabeth Ramsell, Helen, and I. We were all there. Laughing, playing, smiling, and having a good time. We were in the park by the river, and Francine was wandering a little too close. She was by the river and enjoying herself and looking out over the ravine, when suddenly, she wasn't there. She was standing there, when we looked away for two seconds, to see a dog. It was running and yelping like something was chasing it. Then, all the sudden, it ran to us. It was there for hours. We were all adoring it and rubbing it's golden fur. That's when we remembered Francine. It was in the middle of the night, and she was gone. We all went looking for her for hours. By the time we found her, she was crying! She had fallen into a hole! It had huge trees surrounding it. Which she can't blame us for taking so long. Can she? Well, it doesn't matter now. I have to change her.

        "Don't even try to change me. It won't work. I've been waiting for the day when everybody knew me enough that they wouldn't even suspect me being the Lonely One. Now, I'm going to count to three, and I'm going to shoot you."

        "Wait! You don't have to do this. I know that it is wrong that we forgot about you, and I-"


        "Please! Stop! You don't have to do this. You can go and run away before anything happens."


        "Please!" Lavinia wailed with desperation. Tears were streaming down her face. She was desperately trying to open the door but she couldn't with her ice-frosted hands. She was as frozen as a glacier. She was really scared for the first time in her life. Francine checked her watch and pulled out a silver barreled gun.


        Lavinia waited. She had her eyes closed. "Is this what death is like?" She wondered. She opened her eyes, and found herself. Still in the same room and same situation. "Why isn't she pulling the trigger? Is she afraid,or is she just so cruel that she wants to savor this last moment.

        CRASH!!! There was the sound of wood splintering into millions of pieces. Officer Kennedy was there! With his gun pointed at Francine! "Put your hands in the air!"

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