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Dandelion Wine Ending by Henry McOmber
Posted On:
Thursday, September 04, 2014

There was complete silence. Had she imagined it? She quickly flicked on the lights and whirled around. There was standing a strange man. He was tall and pale, with a thick brown overcoat, his gray scraggly hair poking out from under his tattered hat. He was slowly walking towards her, an unblinking smile on his face. Lavinia stood there, as if she couldn’t move. His smile began to turn into a twisted grin. She picked up the nearest object, which happened to be a brown misshapen shoe, and hurled it at the man as hard as she could. He caught it mid-air and threw it towards the window, shattering it.

He brought his hand up to his face and started to grab his skin. Only, it wasn’t his own skin. He began to peel it off. A sickly SLURP followed. Lavinia began to feel a fear rising up her throat. The man finally stripped all of it off to reveal his true face, which was just an ordinary man with a pale face. It was the Lonely One.

He started toward Lavinia. She turned around and ran to the fireplace where she picked up the fire poker and fiercely aimed it toward the man. He backed up slowly. Lavinia began to smile in victory, only to stop short. The man had her lantern. He looked at her, with a smirk on his face, and swung it to the ground. immediately, the floor caught fire. The warm wind from the shattered window made the fire dance all over the walls. Lavinia turned towards the other window, but a flaming chunk of roof blocked her path. she was trapped in the corner.. The man slowly approached her, getting ready to strangle her. Lavina threw the poker the Lonely One, but he dodged it. He then raised the poker and struck the ceiling by mistake. The ceiling collapsed with the walls, bringing a huge chunk of the house down. Luckily, she made it out. the walls had fallen onto the broken ceiling, leaving an opportunity for Lavinia to escape. The Lonely one was dead. She was alive. She had escaped. As police cars rolled up to her house, she didn’t feel well.  She sat on the ground, the monotonous sirens slowly fading out, and fainted.

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