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Dandelion Wine Ending by Toby Sturgeon
Posted On:
Thursday, September 04, 2014

She then slowly turns around, facing the shadowed figure who now sits in the the armchair behind her. There she stands facing the stranger, a sob catches in her throat. For what seemed like an eternity she stands there, paralyzed by the fear. The stranger sits there staring back at her but then as quick and quiet as the summer breeze gone cold the invader stands and begins walking towards her. She then feels her heart sink and she lets out a piercing scream and desperately jerks around and begins fumbling with the locked door. She stabs at the lock with the old key. she hears the creak of the floorboards as the man draws nearer and nearer. Then she feels a small bag, rough like sandpaper slide over her head and she begins panicking and tries to suck in air which comes to her slow through the jagged walls of the bag.

She then panics even more and wildly throws her arms around trying to grab onto something, anything. She reaches out into the blackness the bag has created then her fingers bump a small vase; she tears at the vase with her jagged fingers but it remains just out of reach. The intruder shifts his weight, and her fingers close around the vase, clutching it hard enough to shatter it. She swings at the man, and with one last hit she feels contact with the vase and hears the criminal grunt and she feels the crack of a small club on top of her  head. She feels a warm sensation on top of her head as the blood from the impact begins trickling down her scalp. The vase slips out of her fingers and hits the ground with the dull thud of a bell in a ghost town ringing into her ears and echoing through her head. Then she feels her eyes cross and her knees fail and she crumbles to the ground, first to her knees, then to her belly and loses consciousness.

When she wakes again she realizes that the stranger is taking her to the gorge. The howling of the wind like a hungry pack of wolves on the hunt carries through the air, surrounding her, tearing at the small bag and eventually removing it from her head. She realizes that the man is dragging her and screams but her voice does not come. She looks down and sees two red streaks coming from under her feet and then notices that her heels are on fire from the asphalt sharp as broken glass rubbing her heels through the socks, and into her skin. ”Ive got to scream, if I have any chance at all then i've got to scream. What’s wrong with me, I can't ... Scream ... Wait, what's going on? My head, I can't concentrate." the pain from the injury escalates growing, growing then suddenly her headache does not feel so bad and her feet dragging feel as though they were being dragged across silk then she begins to lose consciousness, and she relaxes, “why did i ever go to, that … stupid movie.” The light dims and she closes her eyes.

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