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Dandelion Wine Ending by Britney Kingston
Posted On:
Sunday, September 07, 2014

I began to walk towards the shadow. So many victims were racing through my mind I couldn’t even think straight. It couldve been my friends, the cops, anyone out there. I picked my purple flower vase off of my rusted southern coffee table and slowly transferred it into my right hand ready to beat whoever it was that came to attack me. As I got closer and closer I soon realized that I was just hallucinating the whole time. This all just felt like a dream… I began to question what was real and what wasn’t? I figured I would just go lie down and everything would be funky dory in the morning. I walked over the precarious, screeching floorboards, and landed in bed.

I finally fell asleep and I began dreaming. I dreamt that there was a man inside my house and he was standing over me, watching me. He looked roughly 6’3” and was super bulky. His muscles were as big as my head! My heart began racing really fast again.. I woke up and what was a dream, soon became reality. He had this grim smile on his face and I knew that it was all over.

My death was coming real soon… He took a knife to my throat and I wasnt going to die without a fight. So, then it was game on! I punch him in the face, kick the knife out of his hand and I threw it out the window! I held strong the whole time and never backed down. Never for a moment did I give him the chance to think that I was weak. I couldn’t let him underestimate me. I start throwing everything that I saw at him.. books, my bed, pillow, hangers, everything I could possibly imagine.  But the more I tried the more i realized that my best just wasn’t good enough.

The man picked me up, above his head, gave a little chuckle and out the window I laid. I tremble to think that this is how my life had to end. While I laid there now; only as a spirit I thought of how I plummeted down. How quick my life was taken. And the fact that things will never be the same. The man, walked out my house and was never seen again…

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