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Dandelion Wine Ending by Christopher Kincaid
Posted On:
Sunday, September 07, 2014

As she continuously cried out over and over wanting to know this man, If it was her brother, he was always playing over-the-top sort of jokes. Ever since they were small, her brother had a very crude sense of humor. Always making fun of her hair, stealing, and hiding her various hair ties, brushes, and her other grooming materials. talking about her friends, and drawing on her walls with permanent marker. Maybe her father was half asleep as he had always had this problem. Maybe a relative had come to visit. Many thoughts rushed through her head all at once like like the opening of a Oklahoma reservation. Then once she had exhausted all of the foolish "good" scenarios in her mind she started to drift amongst the more terrifying dreaded thoughts. The man that she thought was following her might have found a way inside. Maybe he had murdered her entire family and was just waiting for her arrival. Maybe it was the lonely one and he heard about her recent discovery of the dead body, and was coming for her next. It was hard to determine how much time had passed. It felt like hours even though she knew it had probably only been a minute or two, she couldn't he sure.

After she grew tired of worrying herself, and being motionless, she decided she needed to get this over with. If this was the Lonely One then she just had to face facts and deal with it because standing  motionless wasn't helping at all. When she summoned up the courage to take a step forward she felt strong. As the feeling of fear started to get replaced with adrenaline, she took another step, this one larger that  the first. Then another, at this point she was a mere five feet from the strange figure. As she squinted her eyes and leaned slightly closer, so started to identify the figure, as if she had seen him just recently. At the same moment the strange figure leapt forward, and as Lavinia tried to fight back, the figure grabbed her and squeezed her tightly, while whispering "I got you again!"

She filled with rage as she stood before a doubled-up Frank Dillon howling with laughter. He was soon rolling on the floor in tears. Dillon was one of her closest friends, but he didn't know when to stop joking around, she had forgotten that her little brother and him had a baseball game earlier and decided to stay at her house. Oh how she hated his crude humor sometimes, at least he wasn't the lonely one she thought.

"I'm safe at last," these were her last thoughts as all of the lights seemed to flick off all at once.


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