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Welcome Back  

Welcome to the 2018-19 School Year

The class syllabi for Welding Technology and Agricultural Mechanics Technology are listed under the file manager (Class Documents) link.


The first two weeks students will spend time learning safety in the shop using notes, discussions,safety videos, and taking field trips through out the shop to put into perspective where the safety equipment is and how he safety colors are linked to the equipment.

The third week will be used to assess the students to make sure they are elligible through safe work habits that they can work safely in the shop. Toward the end of the third week the students will receive proper training on the specific eqipment they will be using for the welds they will be resposible to pass the year they are in.

As students earn their way to work in the shop and they have received the training to make successful welds they will work to master the welds.

First year welders will be responsible to use three different types of electrodes to weld beads butts and Fillet welds. First year welders will also be required to pass off 6 different Oxyacetelyne welds.

Second year welders are required to pass off MIG (wire feed) welds along with out of position welds.